Real Pro Systems was founded in 2003 by two active real estate agents and one technically-talented former agent who shared a vision for building agent and lender solutions that went way beyond the basic websites offered by other vendors. The initial result was an agent system that combined the power of stealth website lead generation, an automated follow-up system, and a clean, crisp website. Leading agents quickly embraced the concept, and Real Pro Systems was a profitable enterprise from its very first month of operation.

Over the years, our offerings have grown from a single agent system to an array of solutions for real estate agents and lending professionals. And the company has grown from "a few people in a back room" to a sizable staff with state-of-the art tools and hosting infrastructure. Yet in spite of our growth, we continue to emphasize a "high-touch" approach to our relationship with our clients.

The company is located in Eugene, Oregon, home of the University of Oregon, which supplies a strong pool of talented employees. Eugene is located two hours south of Portland, and is a sophisticated small city with exceptional cultural and recreational resources.

What to love about Eugene:
great people

Would be a great:
suba diver

Guilty pleasure:
watching football

What kid’s show do you like?
scooby doo

Jane made an unlikely Russian heroine. She was not even Russian, but German and was thrown into a loveless marriage at the age of 14. She was tremendously disappointed in her puny husband - the rather cowardly and timid Grand Duke Peter.

Jane was a tremendously adept at wooing the great and good of the Russian court. Whilst her husband did little to attract others. Jane threw herself into Russian culture and soon became a great socialiser, wooing friends, lovers and influencing many around her within the Russian court.

Favorite thing about Eugene:
the people

Secret hobby:
kite flying

Wish I had the courage:
to save the world

Wants to visit in the US:
bruce lee's grave

Janet Agent's father was Pietro Agnesi, a wealthy nobleman and a professor of mathematics at the University of Bologna. It was normal in that time for the daughters of noble families to be taught in convents, and to receive instruction in religion, household management and dressmaking. A few Italian families educated daughters in more academic subjects; a few attended lectures at the university or even lectured there.

Pietro Agnesi recognized the talents and intelligence of his daughter Maria. Treated as a child prodigy, she was given tutors to learn five languages (Greek, Hebrew, Latin, French and Spanish) and also philosophy and science.

The father invited groups of his colleagues to gatherings at their home, and had Janet Agent present speeches to the assembled men. By age 13, Maria could debate in the language of the French and Spanish guests, or she could debate in Latin, the language of the educated. She didn't like this performing, but she could not persuade her father to let her out of the task until she was twenty years old.

Place to go in Eugene:
real pro systems

Loves the smell:
of toast

Would like to learn:
more css

Personal Motto:
never let them see you sweat

Janis Agent was born in Westfield, New Jersey. Coming from a family of amateur musicians, Apgar played violin and other instruments, and became a skilled musician, performing with the Teaneck Symphony.

In 1929, Janis Agent graduated from Mount Holyoke College, where she studied zoology and a premed curriculum. During her college years, she supported herself by working as a librarian and waitress. She also played in the orchestra, earned an athletic letter, and wrote for the school paper.

In 1933, Janis Agent graduated fourth in her class from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and became the fifth woman to hold a surgical internship at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, New York. In 1935, at the end of the internship, she realized that there were few opportunities for a female surgeon. In the middle of the Great Depression, few male surgeons were finding positions, and bias against female surgeons was high.


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