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Neighborhood Resources

Here are some helpful hints to sell your home…

If you are thinking of selling your home, you will need to make your home a marketable commodity. How would a potential buyer see your home today? To better sell your home, put yourself in “their shoes.” What does this mean?

The first step would be to “stage” your home. Often time homebuyers need help visualizing your home as their own. Put away any extra family photos, knick-knacks, and collectibles. Remove the clutter from all rooms, including the basement, closets and the garage. You might even want to rent a nearby storage unit for a couple of months to put these items into.  Download this PDF to learn more...

We are all attached emotionally to things in our home. However, as a seller you want to make your home as clean as possible, no clutter and somewhat “generic.” The potential buyer needs to be able to “see” what they are buying. Presentation will often “make or break” a deal. Consider donating items, having a rummage sale or just throwing away items never used.

Now would be the best time to begin this process—before your home goes on the market. If you have ever gone through a model home, you will notice everything is very clean, well lighted and in its place. Not much “overlaps” with each other. This is the look you want. CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN!

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